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about us

Our world is rapidly changing. But our need to express what we believe or dream has remained a constant of our human nature. Some of us prefer the taste, the sensation, while others seek memory generating experiences. But we all want a healthy life with a little something extra and a lot of energy for the adventures that await us !

Our mission

We have assumed from the beginning that our Mission will be that all of us who seek a healthy alternative to regular soft drinks will discover together "Merlin's vitamin aqua" as a product made with knowledge, passion, unique design and attention to detail. We pursue to make the daily intake of vitamins and minerals an enjoyable and convenient experience. And this is only the beginning !

vitamin aqua - the Product

Water, vitamins, minerals, interesting combinations of flavors, 30% stevia (natural sweetener with 0% calories used in premium food industry). Discover all of these in Merlin's vitamin aqua !

With 5 assortments that match your personality
Mg balance, Ca strength, Zn function,
C+ immunity and B12 focus

Merlin's vitamin aqua brings you, in a creative way, five special combinations of flavors, in which you will find the daily vitamins and minerals all of us need.

In the morning on your way to work, at school, on holidays, in the breaks between e-mails, when you party, at sunset, when you feel the need for refreshment, when you go skiing or on a ride with the bicycle, one of the 5 available varieties will certainly respond to the needs you have at a certain time of day, regardless of the season.

Get your dose of originality and dare to be different in a healthy way ! #vitaminaqua

Better drink vitamins!